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Oxygen System Care

Version 12 XP-10 (64/32bit)

"Oxygen System Care" is one of the powerful system care software for windows operating systems. This software helps you to care for your computer systems. You just need to click one button to fix system bugs, clean junk files, etc. Also, this software has included "Advance Mode" manual care options, as well as this software already included many useful hand tools.

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oxygen system care
universal encoder decoder

Universal Encoder Decoder

Version 10 XP-10 (64/32bit)

"Universal Encoder Decoder" is very easy to use for every user. This software installs on your system very easily. Surprisingly This software has a total of 80 plus (actually 84) options. This software is made for encoding, decoding, Hashing, password generating, encrypting, decrypting, converting, etc.

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Windows File Association Manager

Version 2 XP-10 (64/32bit)

"Windows File Association Manager" helps you to fix "File Extensions" related problems. You found here many type file extension options (example: .txt, .png, .jpg, .mp3, .mp4, .js, etc.), Just found the damaged file option extension button and click that button done, Your file extension problem has been fixed. Also, this software already included "Windows Default" mode.

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windows file association manager
smart system care

Smart System Care

Version 4 XP-10 (64/32bit)

"Smart System Care" is our one more powerful system care software. This software layout is different than other software layouts, Here you show two types of maximizing options "Slight Maximize" and "Full Maximize". This software helps you to remove junk files, Internet speed-up, enhancing the windows system, game optimization, etc.

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Stereo Sound Tester

Version 2 XP-10 (64/32bit)

  1. Test your speakers
  2. Mono, 2 in 1, 4 in 1, 5 in 1 Speakers
  3. One click to Test sound
  4. User friendly layout, easy to use
  5. Some basic sound card details
  6. Some basic video card details
  7. Free to use

Programmer System Care

Version 2 XP-10 (64/32bit)

  1. DOS/CMD basis system care
  2. Care your system use commands
  3. Multi window support
  4. Total 40 options (40 commands)
  5. Very first & Quick action
  6. Network support
  7. Designed only for programmers

Smart Utility Box

Version 2 7-10 (64/32bit)

  1. Simple UI & easy to use
  2. One window to all options
  3. system management options
  4. Including useful tools
  5. Shortcut/Easy to open options
  6. Just click your option "Done"
  7. Free to use

Ultra Booster

Version 3 7-10 (64/32bit)

  1. Boost your computer systems
  2. Power full system booster
  3. Make your computer more faster
  4. Simple user friendly layout
  5. Task killer, Game booster, etc.
  6. Boost presets available
  7. Support ended

Simple Care

Version 2 XP-10 (64/32bit)

  1. Very small handy system care tool
  2. One click to clean your system
  3. Manually system care option
  4. Very simple UI (Size: 250x280)
  5. Junk clean,Optimize systems etc.
  6. Work logs view available
  7. Fully free to use

Simple Script Creator

Version 2 8.1-10 (64/32bit)

  1. Create basic programming scripts
  2. *.html,*.php,*.js,*.py, etc.
  3. Drag & Droup file support
  4. very simple user interface
  5. Smooth programming editor
  6. Two type maximize options available
  7. Fully free to use