Ver. 3 | 7-10(64/32 bit)

Ultra Booster

ultra booster

Ultra Booster

"Ultra Booster" is one of the best speed-up software. This software includes auto-configuration, and you just click what type of mode you want to boost, here you get three (3) types of boost systems. Also, Here you can boost your system manually, and after the boost is complete can show logs or restore to old system settings.

*Ultra Booster is very powerful software, and this software directly closes your other running software.

Simple UI

Very easy to use with a user-friendly layout. Here you easily control your system speed or access software menus.

Booster Presets

This software included three (3) preset boosting options, for example, Basic Boost, Work Boost, and Game Boost. You can quickly boost your system on your recommendation. After boost, you can also Restore all the previous settings.

Handy tools

This software included some useful tools, for example, PC's Details tool, Running services list tool, Kill specific type running software tool.

Free of Cost

This software is free of cost so, users should not have to tension about paying money.

(Support ended: We close all services from "Ultra Booster" officially. We do not provide any type of help or software updates (Support for "Ultra Booster" ended on 16/02/2020). If you are still using this software it's fully your risk. Still, Interset on Ultra booster? Then download from other servers with your risk.)