Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Free Software

You do not need to pay anything for our free license software. If you are a developer, programmer, tester, etc. you can edit or modify our software (education purposes only) but take no responsibility for your edited (modified data) software. You can freely share our free license software with your friends and family members. Our free license software will never grab any type of personal data or system information.

Paid Services

We charge money depending on project size. Now you maybe see some prices already mentioned in the price section but, those prices are for starting packages. If you need additional features (custom built), then you can fill custom development request form or you can mail us. Don't feel hesitate to ask questions. Just mail us, what is your requirement?, we discuss everything on email( projects, revisions, design, pricing, etc.).

Warranty & Guarantee

We spend so much time testing software (scripts), but sometimes critical errors are still present, which can harm a setup. That's why we will never take any responsibility if anything happens with your system for using our free software and scripts. Also, we are not providing any type of Warranty or Guarantee to our free software and scripts (programs).

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