Ver. 2 | XP-10(64/32 bit)

Stereo Sound Tester

stereo sound tester

Stereo Sound Tester

"Stereo Sound Tester" is a useful software to test the speakers and sound management systems. This software will help you to detect the problems with stereo sound systems. Also, This software helps you to test your speakers support stereo or not. This software support any type of mono, 2 in 1, 4 in 1, and 5 in 1 speaker. Just click the "TEST SOUND" option, now this application will start Testing your speakers. And the plus point is, here you can show your sound card or video card details.

Simple UI

This software has a very minimal and user-friendly layout. Just a few clicks to check your speakers.

Hardware Details

This software also will give you the details about the PC's audio and video driver details.

Free of Cost

This software is free of cost so, users should not have to tension about paying money.