Ver. 2 | 7-10(64/32 bit)

Smart Utility Box

smart utility box

Smart Utility Box

"Smart Utility Box" will help you to find your computer's tools easily. This software was made only for the purpose to take PC's action quickly, for example, Junk Cleaner, Task-killer, Recycle bin cleaner, DVD tray eject, Taskbar hide/show, Screenshot, etc. Some features of this software are given below:

Quick Action

This software helps you to take quick action cause every basic thing is available in one box. So, click the option, and it will be within a second.

Simple UI

This software contains a simple UI(User Interface). All the functions of this software are easy to use. So, that users can quickly complete their works.

Free of Cost

This software is free of cost so, users should not have to tension about paying money.