Ver. 2 | 8.1-10(64/32 bit)

Simple Script Creator

simple script creator

Simple Script Creator

"Simple Script Creator" is just used to create scripts very fast and easily. This software is also a plan script editor tool for programmers. It's a very minimal type design. You can use this tool to create some small scripts. Some feature of this program is detailed below:

Minimal UI

This software comes with a very minimal interface. Users can easily navigate all types of functions very quickly and easily. Users just need to click on desired functions as they want. Also, this tool has two types of maximizing options, for example, slight maximize and full maximize.

Drag and Drop

You can just drag and drop to edit any type of programming source file (supported files) easily. This is an advanced feature of this program.

Free of Cost

This software is free of cost so, users should not have to tension about paying money.