Ver. 12 | XP-10(64/32 bit)

Oxygen System Care

oxygen system care

Oxygen System Care

"Oxygen System Care" is simply software that will help you prevent many types of system problems, and if your system is already infected, this software helps you to wipe them out from your PC. Here are some of the features of this software:

Junk Cleaner

This software has the most strong junk cleaner ever. You can not even imagine that this software will clear all of The junk files that slow down the PC and sometimes causes PC lagging (basically for low configured PC).

Virus Remover

This software does remove many types of viruses and keeps you safe from devastating viruses and malware. This software assassinates all the viruses to keep the users safe.

Just One Click

With the help of one mouse click, you can clean junk, viruses, and malware. Also, This software provides the feature of one "Run Smart Scan System" function. That is going to make you feel speedy.

Smooth UI

This software comes with a smooth UI(user interface), so the users can easily navigate all types of functions quickly and easily. A user just needs to clicks on desired options as they want.

Error Fixer

If you show any type errors, then don't worry this software helps you fix your computer operating system errors and help you to make your system smooth.

Handy Tools

Aside from its junk removal power, this program also provides a group of extra utilities that can be accessed by clicking the useful tools button on the main menu. This software has the abilities like the "all in one" function. From this, you can access the different types of handy tools, example: Task Manager, PC Details, Ping Systems, Encryption Texts, Password Generator, etc.

Free of Cost

This software is free of cost so, users should not have to tension about paying money.