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Z3RO: Just a Photographer

Z3RO: Just a Photographer

Minimum 4.4 Required

"Z3RO" is a free photograph showcasing application/platform. Where you can easily find all Z3RO's (Zero) photographs. Also, you can see other photographers' photography. Basically, they are Z3RO's friend and he (Z3RO) feel proud to represent their works.

This application gives you a very simple & minimal UI (User Interface) experience. UI design for all types of users. Where few taps to control everything.

This application is controlled from the server so, you don't need to update your application again & again for showing new photographs. (*only major changes time update required, for example, layout, error, bug fixing, etc.)

This application doesn't show you any type of ads, and This application required only Internet connection permission.

Google Play Z3RO

Axiom: Android Web Browser

Minimum 4.0.3 Required

"Axiom" is a free android web browser, and this application has a very minimal design layout & easy to use. Here you found many use full tools, those tools help you lot during surfing websites. This application has a simple, minimal, user-friendly & customizable layout. Some highlighted features name is - Bookmark, History, Download (System Download Manager), Share, Themes, Full Screen, Desktop Mode, Settings, etc.

This browser also has some useful tools like - Screenshot, Javascript On/Off, View Website Source Code, Speed Up System, Picture Show/Hide, Save Web Page Locally, Save PDF, etc. All tools help you a lot while you surfing some web content.

**For some reason, we unpublished this application from the play store. But, if you're still installed this application on your device, don't worry you can still use that.

Google Play
Axiom Indian Web browser
safe surfing android web browser

Safe Surfing Browser

4.0.3 - 5.0 Supported

"Safe Surfing" is a one of the best and secure android browser for old android mobiles. This application has many types of features like Auto Protocol Detect, View, Edit & Save WebPage Source Codes, Screenshot, Download feature, Full Screen, View or Share website links, Hi-Speed Surfing option, Desktop Or Mobile View, JavaScript On & Off Options, etc.


Base Encoder Decoder

Minimum 4.2.0 Required

Before using this application you just need to learn "What is Encoding or Decoding?". Our android application helps you to convert a simple sting to 16, 32, 64 bases. This application contains a very simple layout. Also, it's a very small size application, and it can be run on almost every android device.

Base Encoder Decoder Android Tool