Windows File Association Manager | version 2

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Windows File Association Manager

Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10 64/32bit

Windows File Association Manager

This is a simple extention fixing software, which will fix the problems on extention. some advance features are following :

Simple UI :

This software contains very specific to its navigation and smooth user interface, user can easily navigate all the functions of this software, so this may very useful to all the users of this software.

Fast and reliable :

This software will fix your extention very fast. so, users time will not be wasted.

Done by one click :

This is another special feature of this software, users can fix their extention problem by just on click .

Small file size :

This software is so optimized that it takes a small space in memory. Users will be benefited in the section of memory management.

Free of cost :

This software is totally free of cost, so Users should not have to tension of paying a bit of money, But we accepts donations to carry on our projects.

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