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Softwares / Applications :

Free License :

We publish free license software/applications, hope you already know that. You no need to pay anything for our free license software. If you are a developer/programmer etc. so, you can edit or modify our software (education purposes), but we have no responsibility for your edited/modification software. Some software close running applications on your system for your order (without any warning alert). We always try to update our free license software, but it takes a long time. You can freely share our free license software with your friends and family members. Our free license applications never grab any type of personal data or system information.

Paid License :

We also publish paid license software. You need to pay for our paid license software. You have no modification permissions, if you try to modify our paid license software our company has no responsibility as well as we cancel your licenses. Paid software only for one/single user license, please don't share it with your friends or family members. Some software close running applications on your system for your order (with warning alert). We always try to update our paid license software, but it takes some time.

Server / Website :

Website / User Data Policy :

These website contents are free you can use only our texts & photos but, only for legal activity not for illegal activity. We never publish & sell user data to anyone, as well as we never store(grab) users' details without user permissions. If you give us any information, no tension your data is fully secure. We never send you any type of random offer emails/calls.

Server / Security System :

Our servers running 24*7(365 Days) hours but, sometimes we upgrade our servers so, we need to stop our server only for few hours. We always try to improve our website security systems. If you found any type of bug so please inform us, we fix those problems as soon as possible. When we update something our website version was changed.

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