Simple Script Creator | version 2

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Simple Script Creator

Windows 8,8.1,10 64/32bit

Simple Script Creator

This program is just use to create scripts very fast and easily. So, this is also an useful tool for programmers, so that they can create scripts at ease. Some feature of this program is details below :

Easy and fast :

With this program any one can easily open and create sources of scripts, it's works too fast.

Drag and Drop feature :

You can just drag and drop any type of source files to open easily, this is an advance feature of this program.

Friendly and smooth UI :

this software is easy as water to use, you can just control files , like save open save as etc from the top navigation bar .So , it is user friendly.

Creates any type of source :

This software can create any type of source code, basically it can save upto 17 types of language directly from save as function.

Free of cost :

This software is totally free of cost, so Users should not have to tension of paying a bit of money, But we accepts donations to carry on our projects.

Editor : Apu Chand Malik

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