Base Encoder Decoder | version 1

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Base Encoder Decoder

Minimum Requirement Android 4.0

Base Encoder Decoder

Firstly, if you want you know what type of of this application, have to know first what is encoding and decoding. Encoding means inputting a sequence of character (strings ,numbers ,symbols etc.) conversion into a efficient format or to save storage. On the other hand, Decoding is the conversion of an encoded formats back into normal data. So, this is very useful in secure communication, networking and for low use of storage .Especially, this is very useful and applicable to the wireless communication system. Our "Base Encoder Decoder" android application can convert from one type of data into other type of formats. Indeed, this can use to encoding and decoding. Let’s discuss about its features:

User Friendly UI :

This android application contains user friendly UI, which means all the application or usable feature can be navigate at ease and everyone can understand, how to work with this application.

Small Size :

This application contains small size and can be run on any android devices (we recommends android version 4.0 or later).

Base 16, 32, 64 :

Base Encoder Decoder have the base of 16 , 32, 64 strings .So, Users have to install only one application to encode and decode.

Ad Free :

Base Encoder Decoder contains no advertise all . That is why , you will not be irritated with this application.

Free of cost :

This application is totally free of cost, so Users should not have to tension of paying a bit of money, But we accepts donations to carry on our projects.

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