Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Hello Dear, Welcome to the Axiom (Indian Browser) Privacy policy page. Axiom is a free android web browser application. This browser, not showing any type of bad advertise meant. This application is design for everyone. This Application currently running on Stable Version (1.2.2). I always try to improve this application features and make it more secure. You can share your feedback on the play store comment section, your Feedback helps me to improve this application.

Child Policy:

If your age is under 13 don't worry this application does not show you any type of bad Adds, you can use this application for surfing some educational purposes things and this application is fully free no need to pay anyone for this application. You can freely use this application front of your Family, Friends, Parents, Class Mates.

Payment Policy:

Basically this application is fully free and no need to pay anything for this application but I add a donation link so if you want to send some donation then you can use that link, your donation really helps me a lot. donation is not a mandatory option but if you think this application really helps you then you can send me some donation (if your age is under 18 no need to send donation).


I Ayan, promises to all Axiom users I never get any type of personal data from your device (No Adds, No Data Stolen). feel free, surfing on the web using Axiom browser.

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Last Update : 02/08/2020