Development & Special Credits

Development & Special Credits


A big thanks to Google. Google's Search Engine helps me to find all development-related problems. I found many problem solutions on Google "Android Developer" Website. Google's "Android Studio or SDK" helps me to compile my all programming codes and Finally, Google's "Google Play" services help me to publish this application.


Stack Overflow:

Stack Overflow helps me to solve my thousands of bugs and I found many problems solution there, so a big thanks also go to the "Stack Overflow" website.

Stack Overflow

Scalable Vector Graphics:

This application has many SVG so a special thanks go to two websites they help me to download free SVG files. Those websites are "" and "". Those websites are really helpful for me so, thanks again.

Icons8 SVG Repo

Develop & Testing:

This (Axiom) application programming & developed by - AyaN (me). Also, I thank my friends, cause they help me to give their Android mobile to test this application.


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